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Foot and Ankle

There are twenty eight bones in the foot and ankle, and until relatively recently, the way that the various bones interact to work in synergy was not well understood. Twenty years ago there were very few types of foot operations performed, with limited success. The understanding of the functioning of the foot has led to great strides in the precision and success of foot surgery and this has led to this being a rapidly expanding field in orthopaedic surgery.

The Manchester Orthopaedic Group is able to offer a full service for foot and ankle conditions.  Richard Samarji works at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He is able to offer treatments for simple, but common, problems like hammered toes, bunions and ganglions, and also more complex treatments for arthritis, tendon problems, ankle instability and deformities. He works closely with orthotists and podiatrists who can provide supportive treatments through insoles and braces.

Common Conditions


Hammering of the toes

Flat feet

Ankle arthritis

Great toe arthritis

Morton's neuroma

Plantar fasciitis


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