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Our Team

Our team will be able to help you, whatever your musculoskeletal problem may be - we have it covered!

Orthopaedic surgeons

Our team of surgeons will be able to advise you on the cause of your problem, what tests or scans are necessary and which of the range of treatments may be best suited to you


Our specialist musculoskeletal radiologists will be able to perform and interpret any x-rays or scans to help determine the cause or extent of your problem.


Our musculoskeletal physiotherapists will be able to offer a range of treatments including ultrasound, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and acupuncture.


Our podiatrist will be able to perform biomechanical assessments and make orthotic insoles.


Our rheumatologists will be able to diagnose and treat conditions such as gout and inflammatory arthritis that can be managed with medicines to delay or avoid surgery.


Our anaesthetists will provide a caring, professional service to anaesthetise you for your operation, either by local injections in a limb or spine to anaesthetise a part of the body, or by general anaesthetic.

Pain Team

Our pain specialist will be able to assess and treat any cause of chronic pain through medicininal patches, tablets, injections or manipulations.

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