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The Manchester Orthopaedic Group is a group of Orthopaedic and affiliated specialists who provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal diagnostic and treatment service.

As each orthopaedic surgeon in the Manchester Orthopaedic Group is a specialist in one region of the body, we are able to offer a truly comprehensive but specialised service - including hand surgery, shoulder surgery, back surgery, hip and knee replacements, foot surgery, sports injury surgery and paediatric orthopaedic surgery. Each of our surgeons has refined their surgery to a high standard through fellowship training - an apprenticeship with an eminent surgeon in that particular field.

What is different about the Manchester Orthopaedic Group is that we include in our number other professions such as dedicated musculoskeletal radiologists, rheumatologists and physiotherapists. These professionals provide specialist diagnostic services and therapeutic support to ensure that our patients receive the optimum in care before and after any surgery.

You can find out more about individual surgeons and allied professionals by pressing the 'Our Specialist Surgeons'  and 'Affiliated Specialists' buttons on the left hand side of this page.

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