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The Stockport Anaesthetic Group works closely with the Manchester Orthopaedic Group to provide expert, individualised care for each patient. Our Consultants are all registered with the main Healthcare insurers in the country and our charges are in line with their published levels of benefit. By working as a group we provide not only the benefits of an experienced anaesthetist, but also availability of care 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our group covers The BMI Alexandra Hospital, and the Spire Hospitals Manchester and the Regency (Macclesfield).


We are able to offer a wide range of techniques to cater for most needs and requests, and we give patients the opportunity to discuss their anaesthetic at our pre-operative visit. For most patients this will occur following admission to the ward, either the night before or on the day of operation. We may ask to see patients with complex medical histories prior to their admission after discussion with their surgeon. Our responsibility of care then continues through the operation itself and beyond, providing a high standard of post-operative pain relief with anti-sickness therapy.


All of our Consultants hold substantive appointments at Stepping Hill Hospital ensuring strict levels of continuing professional development, training and appraisal. Paediatric patients and their parents or guardians can be assured that they will be cared for by especially trained and accredited paediatric anaesthetists.


Due to different work patterns some of the Manchester Orthopaedic Group surgeons (Mr Mohammad Waseem and Mr Tahir Khan) receive support from alternative anaesthetists, who will provide the same high standard of care provided by the Stockport Anaesthetic Group.


All queries concerning the anaesthetic service may initially be directed through any member of the Manchester Orthopaedic Group.

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