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Physiotherapists are health professionals who promote, maintain and restore movement and function to as normal a level as possible when this is adversely affected by an injury, a disease such as arthritis, or by any other cause.

Your physiotherapist can do this through various means. These include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, ultrasound treatment, and acupuncture as well as advice.

The Manchester Orthopaedic Group has several Physiotherapists that have worked closely with our Consultants for many years. This means that your physiotherapist will know how your consultant wants you to be treated, and tailor your physiotherapy to suit you. They include Physiofit Limited, Damjana Derham, Alison Winterbottom, Matthew Carpenter, Adrian Howard and the teams at Manchester PhysioJohn Honey PhysiotherapyCity Physio and Advanced Physiotherapy Clinics. Specialist services are also available. Denise O'Brien is a specialist  Hand Therapist and Sue Hallam is a therapist who specialises in dealing with conditions of the pelvic floor. Locations where you can find physiotherapy treatment can be found by clicking here.

Patients are the focus of the physiotherapist. Our therapists offer access to physio within 24 hours of referral, often offering appointments on the day. Appointments can be offered from early morning (7 am) to late evening (7pm).

Therapeutic Exercises

If a joint is stiff, a programme of exercises can allow the joint more movement or stabilise it if is unstable through increased muscle tone. Your physiotherapist will be able to provide you with information, advice and supervision to ensure that you get the most out of your programme.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapies include massage, manipulation and soft tissue stretching and positioning. Your physiotherapist will be able to assess muscles that are in spasm, and manipulate them to improve movement and circulation, relieving pain and aiding muscle relaxation.


This is a treatment using high frequency sound waves that create ripples in the soft tissues. This can increase blood flow to that area to help with healing, and sometimes gives pain relief as well.


Sometimes all that is required is advice on posture, movement or activity. Our physiotherapists are very experienced and can tell you how to prevent or treat problems through activity modification.


This is a technique using small needles inserted into particular points on the skin to give pain relief or aid relaxation. This method of treatment was first used in China many centuries ago. We do not know exactly how it works, but it is thought to stimulate the body to produce pain relieving chemicals. Many patients find this very useful.

Common conditions that respond to physiotherapy:

Neck pain, Low back pain, sports injuries, sprains, strains, shoulder pain, knee pain, arthritis, post-surgical rehabilitation and whiplash injuries

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